Add a touch of finesse and class to any environment through the elegant enhancements of light accents that silk along walls. Up light colors can be customized to fit a variety of events. Whether your event is a wedding or an autumn gala, you can choose the best colors to adorn your experience. These lights are fully programmable to work with innovative chase patterns or strobe effects to give your location a dynamic visual flair. Our uplights can also be used as stage lights, bringing attention to the forefront of the proceedings. Because these lights are constructed with battery operated LED and DMX technology, they are amazingly energy efficient and can be placed virtually anywhere. These lights are also indoor and outdoor-friendly*, making them incredibly versatile.

Custom Monogram

Custom monograms add an elegant touch and a signature of personalization to any room. For weddings, the projection of your monogram can enhance the unique qualities of the proceedings. Monograms can also show sharp attention to detail during company events. With a variety of templates available, you can select any of the options provided by Evans Entertainment, or you can create your own customized monogram. Whether you choose a modern approach with lighting projection, or you select a classical signature motif, your custom monogram will add that tiny, extra touch of class to your spectacular event. This is all powered by the state-of-the-art systems provided through Evans Entertainment.

Pin Spot Lighting

Pin spot lighting will beautifully accent your table centers to enhance the centerpieces and illuminate your beautiful wedding flowers, cake, sweet heart or head table,or whatever your centerpiece might be. These lighting fixtures are called pin spots because, they are fitted with an extremely tight beam angle lens. They only light up a certain small area with direct light that does not bleed off to every direction. With this type of lighting fixture, we can pin point a specific object without having anything else around it saturate the light, which leaves us with a beautifully lit up object that stands out from everything else. This is when floral or any other centerpiece details become more noticeable, and blend in beautifully with your venue and theme. Also don’t forget to highlight your wedding cake, sweets table, place card table, and your head/main table.

Market Lighting / Bistro Lighting / Cafe Lighting / String Lighting

Market Lights also known as Bistro Lights, Cafe Lights, or String Lights cast a soft warm glow, and are easy on the eyes. This stye of lighting provides a warm romantic ambiance, and gives an intimate feel to any wedding or occasion outdoor or indoor. such 

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