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Frequently Asked Questions:

What sets Evans Entertainment apart from other DJ companies?

Evans Entertainment offers a very unique alternative to the cookie cutter wedding reception. Your wedding will be designed in your vision so that your dream wedding becomes a reality. We guarantee that your wedding will be more fun than any wedding you have ever attended.

Additionally, we take a very personal approach to every wedding. We won’t do a phone interview and and assign you DJ/MC. Your DJ/MC will meet with you personally to completely personalize your wedding. We will not just direct you to our online planning forms. Your DJ/MC will sit and discuss how to make your wedding yours and unlike anyone else’s. (without being cheesy). This normally is an absolute minimum 2 in person meetings. 

Evans Entertainment was founded on the principle that it will provide the highest level of entertainment at each event – we will never settle for the standard. Evans Entertainment does not believe in building a client list. Instead we build relationships that last long after the event. As a testament to the level of quality we provide, we have built our business completely on referrals from satisfied clients.

What are your prices and packages?

Evans Entertainment packages are customized to the clients vision. Since we personalize weddings we can spend an average of 20 - 25 hours preparing for a your wedding reception. Additionally, because of our methods we have a limited amount of dates available. Our dates are first come first serve to clients that are a good fit.

Can you provide music for ceremony?

Yes, we can provide music for your ceremony. We will also have background music playing in 30 minutes prior to the start of your ceremony while your guests are being seated.

Can you provide microphones for ceremony?

Yes, we can provide Lavalier microphones or wireless handheld microphones on stands. We will discuss the pros and cons of each when meeting with you to discuss your wedding.

Do you take breaks?

No. We provide music service and perform the entire duration of your wedding or event.

Do we have to provide a meal?

No, but it is greatly appreciated.

What is your DJ Style?

Our style is different than most of our competition. We do not work in “blocked sets”. For instance we do not do 5 top 40 songs than 2 slow, followed by 5 disco songs than 2 slow. We integrate multiple genres of music into each set. We are able to do this flawlessly by beat mixing and harmonic mixing. Most of our staff started in nightclubs and developed these skills over time. This does not mean we will be remixing, or playing remixes. This means we can mix old and new as well as multiple genres in a single set. By doing this style of mixing we are able to keep all age groups on the dance floor at the same time. Samples coming soon.

Are you insured?

Yes, we carry a 2 million dollar policy. We will provide you as well as the venue with a copy our insurance certificate.

Do you carry backup equipment?

Yes, we try to be prepared for all types of scenarios. We carry everything from backup laptops, hard drives, speakers, mixers, etc…

What if something happens and my DJ can’t make it?

That is always a scary thought for the client and us as well. We have one of our top performers available every weekend as a floater just in case this happens. Also, this is one of the benefits of having 2 DJs booked in your package. All of our DJs and MCs are trained to perform both services when needed.

How much music do I need to pick?

As much or as little as you want. The only music we require you to pick is your formalities such as first dance and parent dances. Our DJs are able to read a crowd and get your guests dancing all night.

How are you on the microphone?

Evans Entertainments DJs and MCs understand how to create the right balance between working the microphone and playing great music. We will not be on the microphone constantly and be the center of attention. We believe the bride and groom should be in the spotlight, not the DJ/MC.

How early will your DJ arrive to setup?

For weddings we arrive at least 2 hours prior to the start of your cocktail hour or onsite ceremony. We want to be sure that we have all of our equipment sound checked and fully operational before your quests arrive. Additionally we want to make sure we are in our tux/suits before your guests arrive.

What do your DJ/MCs wear?

Whatever you require. Evans Entertainment employees all own tuxedos and suits for weddings. Additionally, if you require other styles of attire we will be sure to accommodate.

Do your DJs take requests?

We leave this decision up to the Bride and Groom. We discuss this prior to the wedding. By default we say no but allow the guests to let us know what song they would have requested.

“We were at a wedding and the DJ was so loud during dinner we couldn’t talk to the person next to us”. How do you handle volume during dinner and dancing?

We make sure your guests are comfortable with the volumes while being able to fill the hall with the appropriate level of sound. We never want to deafen your guests and we very rarely receive complaints about volume.

Do you provide a written contract?

It is extremely important to have your booking confirmed in writing. Evans Entertainment will provide you with a written contract outlining the terms of your service. We will sign the contract and send you a copy to retain for your records. It is important to have a contract to as it protects you as the customer as well as us as a company. I would never suggest booking any DJ service with out a written contract.

Who will be my DJ?

The answer is simple. The DJ you meet with in your initial meeting / consultation. Their name will be on the contract as your DJ.

Is there an additional cost for a second DJ or MC?

Only if you book our sweet and simple package. All of our other packages include a second DJ/MC at no additional cost.

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